How does this work? 

Base stations

We have a fabric transmission network comprised of 100+ towers (base stations), which are connected directly to dedicated fiber trunks and/or high-capacity microwave links.


Depending on the market conditions, we will either build a new base station, or partner with an existing provider in the town and use this point to relay internet to our new customers. 

Wireless transmission

Customers receive their internet connection from the base stations via wireless radio signal (5ghz).  

Fibre connectivity

Once we have ventured into a new town, we begin the process of laying down fibre to guarantee long-term connectivity and stability. 

Green energy solutions

To power our towers, we utilize solar powered batteries to guarantee 100% uninterrupted service to our users. 

Customer support

We monitor the performance of all networks 24/7 via our network operations centre. And, thanks to our field teams, we provide in-person support when needed.