How can I view my balance Payment

You can view your balance by:

  1. Access our Selfcare tool by visiting and select the option for viewing your balance statement in “Customer Reports”.
  2. Check your most recent SMS and email from Mawingu. We automatically send you a message before your account expires reminding you of the balance.

If neither option works, please contact us on 0111-194-000

How can I pay my bill Payment

To pay for your internet, you can do so through any of these methods:

  1. Selfcare portal
    Visit our selfcare portal and select “Customer Action” >> “Make Payment”
  2. Mpesa
    Paybill: 579950 / Account: Your current account number

Note: Never pay directly to one of our staff. All payments must be made through one of these channels.

How do I access the selfcare portal? Selfcare

  1. To access the selfcare portal, visit
  2. Log in using your registered phone number and your access PIN.
  3. If you don’t remember your access PIN, click on “Forgot Pin? Reset”
  4. If you can’t access the selfcare portal, contact us at: 0111-194-000

How do I change my password? Selfcare

You can manually change your password by visiting our Selfcare portal at Select option “Change Password” and follow the instructions.

I forgot my account number Selfcare

If you forgot your account number, you can get it by:

  • Looking at the most recent email/SMS from Mawingu. We often include your account number in our communication.
  • Accessing the Selfcare portal. Your account number will be listed in your balance statement.
  • If neither of these methods works, contact us at: 0111-194-000

Why is my internet slow? Support

There could be multiple reasons for why your internet connection is slow. Rainy weather (yes, this can affect your connection), saturation on the network, too many devices connected in your household, etc.

Please follow these troubleshooting tips to see if they improve your connection:

  • Switch off the devices from the main power for 1 minute. Once they are on and your devices are connected, monitor your speeds to see if there’s an improvement.
  • If the previous method did not work, disconnect from your Wi-Fi network and sign in again. Once you are reconnected, monitor your speeds to see if there’s an improvement.
  • Monitor how many devices are connected to your Wi-fi. If you don’t know how many devices are connected, you can change your password using our Selfcare tool. This will disconnect any unwanted devices from your network.

If none of these tips work, kindly contact us for assistance via 0111-194-000.

Can I suspend my services while I'm out of town? Support

We do not allow for the suspension of services. If you know you will be out of town for several weeks, simply allow your current monthly subscription to expire. You will be automatically disconnected if no payment is made. Once you return, simply pay for your new month via Mpesa, and you will be automatically reconnected.

Note: If you plan to be absent for more than 2 months, please notify our customer support team of this by calling us on 0111-194-000.

I am moving to a new location, can I take my connection with me? Support

Contact our support team (0111-194-000) one week in advance to confirm you are moving to an area within our coverage zone. Our field technicians will need to reinstall your equipment, since our antennas must be calibrated to the location of our masts.

  • Cost of relocation within the same town 1,500 ksh.
  • Cost of relocation to a new town 3,000 ksh.
  • If you are moving to an area outside of our coverage zone, we will decommission your equipment at no cost.

How do I place an order for your service? Support

You can view our different packages on the top menu under “Products”. Fill out the “Get connected” form, and someone from our sales team will reach out to you promptly. Alternatively, you can contact us at: 0111-194-000

Why do I have no internet? Support

There are multiple reasons why your connection could be offline.

Payment: Are you up to date with your payments? Please check your most recent emails/SMS messages from Mawingu. If you are behind on your payments, as soon as you pay your pending balance, you will be reconnected automatically.

Is your router connected? Make sure you see a green light on your router. If the light is off, first check if the power is on and/or whether your router is properly connected.

If your router is connected but has no internet: Unplug and plug the router from the power source for a minute.

If none of these tips resolves your issue, please contact us on 0111-194-000

Are you offering any job opportunities? Opportunities

You can find all current vacancies by clicking on Work with us.