Mawingu Networks’ CEO Farouk Ramji On Delivering Internet Services To Underserved Markets In Kenya

A big thanks to Moses Kemibaro of PURE DIGITAL PASSION podcast for featuring Mawingu CEO Farouk Ramji, his interview prowess was very effective in bringing out the business model that Mawingu is using to serve rural markets.

Mawingu rebrands as it prepares to expand its coverage in Kenya

Internet Service Provider, Mawingu, is on the verge of closing a new investment round in the coming months, as it moves to capture a larger share of the digital market in the country.

Internet is basic need, give everyone access

While many agree that internet is now indispensable for our everyday life, there are many structural barriers which keep many unconnected. Learn how our CEO, Farouk Ramji, explains the importance for internet and why everyone should be given access to it.

Mawingu eyes bigger slice of broadband market

We will soon come to a town near you. Some of the key insights of the article: Mawingu became profitable (EBITDA positive), we have grown 50% over last year, and we are entering the final phases of an investment round.