Mr. RAMJI further adds:

“Mawingu’s aim is not to simply drop an Internet cable at someone’s doorstep. We seek to help our customers access new opportunities for work, education, entertainment, and social connections through the power of the Internet. Our company’s mission is driven by this very purpose: Open Opportunities.”

Mawingu seeks to combine wireless and fibre technology, as well as solar power, to distribute low-cost, affordable, and reliable Internet to its customers.

Mr. RAMJI concludes:

“Mawingu remains committed to going the extra mile to truly meet our customers at their connectivity point of need. To this end, we are firmly focused on expediting our mid-term growth strategy of expanding our connectivity to additional counties across Kenya this year.”

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Mr. RAMJI concludes:

About Mawingu

Mawingu is a rural Internet Service Provider (ISP) founded in 2012 below the foothills of Mount Kenya in Nanyuki, offering meaningful Internet connectivity by building sustainable, flexible infrastructure in underserved regions. Mawingu has connected +15,000 homes and businesses, as well as +300,000 hotspot users across the country. Currently operating in 26 counties, Mawingu is now the largest ISP in Kenya catering solely towards the rural and peri-urban markets in the country.

Offering a series of shared Internet packages for homes and small businesses, as well as dedicated connections and services for large enterprises, Mawingu seeks to democratise access to knowledge, commerce, entertainment, and social connections for all.

Mawingu’s ability to deliver Internet into rural areas is primarily driven by its use of wireless, fibre, and smart green-energy technology, making it possible to adapt to the changing terrain demands and market conditions.

Mawingu has a network transmission fabric comprised of 75 towers (base stations), which are backhauled directly to dedicated fibre trunks and/or high-capacity microwave links with diversity and high levels of redundancy built into the architecture. Cumulatively, Mawingu has 158 base stations on its network.

Mawingu is now ready to expand its outreach by opening opportunities for millions of homes across the African continent.

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